Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year, New beginnings, Lots of memories

It is now 2013 and I don't feel much different then I did when I went to bed last night.  My husband and I watched a movie with our son last night. Then shared with each other what we were thankful for in 2012.

We didn't go out to any parties for the new year because we just don't do that anymore. But I did miss sitting with my mom and dad at their house watching the New Years in NY.  It was something we did for years with them before we moved. I thought about my dad and how he was bringing in the new year without my mom.  That made me sad but I just prayed that God would give him strength.  

John is at work right now, when you work on a farm there is no real holidays. Cows haven't figured out how to feed themselves haha.  David is playing with his massive collection of dinky cars he got for Christmas.  It's wonderful to hear his imagination at work. As for me I called my Dad to wish him a happy new year and now I am sitting writing this blog while having a cup of coffee as the sun is rising over the horizon in the east and MAN is it bright.

We are having mild temperatures out here right now. We are having warm days of -2 Celsius.  It is very welcomed as we are able to do more things outside right now. We are truly thankful to be able to see the sunrise each morning.  

Now it is onto plans for the new year at hand. More intentional living, and planning how to start our journey to living off our land.   I'm making some new products for my craft business I have on ETSY and Facebook. Here a few of the new hats.

I am truly thankful for the ability to use my hands to create things. I will leave for now but will return to let you know how Day 1 of 2013 went for us.

Happy New Year and may God truly Bless you this year.

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  1. Beautiful work!!!Love it look forward to see more from you :)