Friday, December 14, 2012

I have no Words

I really have no words to say that will take away the pain and grief the parents and families in Newtown Ct are feeling right now.

I just want them to know that I am praying they find peace and comfort. I am asking God to hold you tight.  But please Know that it is not just your city or country that is mourning. It is the whole North American Nation who have gone into shock and are standing with you as you walk this road.

We may never have all the answers to the questions we ask.  God hears them and is listening.  

I say this prayer tonight for you,
To let you know I feel for you,
Your pain and tears are felt by many,
For something like we are never ready.
Father Lord,
I lift up the mom's who are crying in their kids beds,
The dad's who feel helpless because they are sad.
The brothers and sisters who don't understand,
How life can be changed by just one man.
The city that is numb and trying to move on.
The teachers who are asking "why wasn't I one?"
Dear Lord you know the answers,
And someday I pray so do we.
For you got 26 more angels in Heaven today.

This ribbon I have on my Facebook Profile. 
Out of Love and respect for those in Connecticut.

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