Wednesday, December 26, 2012


If you would've told me last Christmas that I would be sitting in a house on 160 acres in rural Alberta I would've laughed at you.  If the doctors would have said I wouldn't have had anymore Christmas days with my mom. They would have gotten the "Look" you know the one that you give your children or your spouse when they are totally out of their mind.

Well I've been going through life over the last year. What's happened and what hasn't happened and what I didn't want to happen. I thought I was going to be a huge pile of sogginess Christmas Eve,  I wasn't. I thought I was going to want to hide in a room all by myself Christmas Day, I didn't.

In fact over the last 6 months I have started to become who I think my father in Heaven wants me to be. I am being genuinely me. Sure I have my moments where I am crying at every little thing that goes wrong. But I let myself break down and feel the loss of my mom. She was the strongest woman I knew. I looked up to her and still do. 

I am in rural northern Alberta on 160 acres of God's land. I see deer, moose, wolves, rabbits, porcupines, little tiny squirrels (that make the ones in Ontario look like giants) coyotes and Elk. I see all those creatures through my front window. I also get to catch a wonderful display of stars and the brightest moon I have ever seen. There is also times when the northern lights will play in our yard too.  For that reason I am not sorry we packed up and moved 3000 kms from family.

My husband and I have gotten closer to God and closer to each other. We sit and talk about lots of things now and even have the chance to sit together and just be. Our son is adjusting to life out here. As the winter snow begins to fade away and Springs comes knocking on our door I imagine it will be hard to keep him in the house.

Sure I miss my family but technology these days are great with Skype and Google hangout.  We can "see" our family when we want.  There are plenty of days where I wish Heaven had the same technology. Where I could just pug in my video camera and see my mom on the other side smiling at me and laughing at how silly my son gets in front of the camera.  But you know what she does see it. She sees how much it hurts when I can't pick up the phone and dial her number.  She sees the tears when my little boy talks about his Nana living with Jesus now. But she also sees the way that things are changing for us out here. Changing for the better. We have a great future out here on this quarter section of land.

So for now we have gotten back to everyday life, the jobs, the house, the bills, the tears, the laughter, the sunshine and the winter. But in a few short months that will all change again, I can say I am looking forward to the Spring and the changes that God will do to our property and to my soul as I continue to walk beside him and marvel at the wondrous things he has created.

There will be more entries and more photos of our life. I want to share my journey into Christ like living with the world. So won't you come along with me on the journey I call Life.

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  1. Beautiful, Kim. Looking forward to your journey.