Monday, September 30, 2013

It's been a year

Happy Last day of September!!

Is it really?? Yep it is. My son started Kindergarten this Sept. and it has been a good thing for him for the most part.

But with the colder weather comes the need for hats, mittens, coats and sweaters.

I wanted to share with you some new hats I have made up. Like I had mentioned before we now live in rural Alberta. Farming is a way of life our here and hasn't been overcome by industry too much in the northern region of the province.
I am getting lots of orders for farm implement hats. John Deere and Case IH are the most popular I have been asked to do.

This is the girls version of the John Deere Hat.

And of Course the Boys version. My son is modeling this one for me. 

I can't leave out Case IH. I like how this has turned out.

I will be getting to work on mittens to match all of these hats with in the next week or two. When I get the mittens done I will post more pictures. But to order any of the Farm Hats you can go to and send me a message. I sell the Hats for $20 plus shipping. I will be putting a ETSY Listing up in the next few days. so you can also go to

Looking forward to seeing you on Facebook.

Kimberley :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year, New beginnings, Lots of memories

It is now 2013 and I don't feel much different then I did when I went to bed last night.  My husband and I watched a movie with our son last night. Then shared with each other what we were thankful for in 2012.

We didn't go out to any parties for the new year because we just don't do that anymore. But I did miss sitting with my mom and dad at their house watching the New Years in NY.  It was something we did for years with them before we moved. I thought about my dad and how he was bringing in the new year without my mom.  That made me sad but I just prayed that God would give him strength.  

John is at work right now, when you work on a farm there is no real holidays. Cows haven't figured out how to feed themselves haha.  David is playing with his massive collection of dinky cars he got for Christmas.  It's wonderful to hear his imagination at work. As for me I called my Dad to wish him a happy new year and now I am sitting writing this blog while having a cup of coffee as the sun is rising over the horizon in the east and MAN is it bright.

We are having mild temperatures out here right now. We are having warm days of -2 Celsius.  It is very welcomed as we are able to do more things outside right now. We are truly thankful to be able to see the sunrise each morning.  

Now it is onto plans for the new year at hand. More intentional living, and planning how to start our journey to living off our land.   I'm making some new products for my craft business I have on ETSY and Facebook. Here a few of the new hats.

I am truly thankful for the ability to use my hands to create things. I will leave for now but will return to let you know how Day 1 of 2013 went for us.

Happy New Year and may God truly Bless you this year.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


If you would've told me last Christmas that I would be sitting in a house on 160 acres in rural Alberta I would've laughed at you.  If the doctors would have said I wouldn't have had anymore Christmas days with my mom. They would have gotten the "Look" you know the one that you give your children or your spouse when they are totally out of their mind.

Well I've been going through life over the last year. What's happened and what hasn't happened and what I didn't want to happen. I thought I was going to be a huge pile of sogginess Christmas Eve,  I wasn't. I thought I was going to want to hide in a room all by myself Christmas Day, I didn't.

In fact over the last 6 months I have started to become who I think my father in Heaven wants me to be. I am being genuinely me. Sure I have my moments where I am crying at every little thing that goes wrong. But I let myself break down and feel the loss of my mom. She was the strongest woman I knew. I looked up to her and still do. 

I am in rural northern Alberta on 160 acres of God's land. I see deer, moose, wolves, rabbits, porcupines, little tiny squirrels (that make the ones in Ontario look like giants) coyotes and Elk. I see all those creatures through my front window. I also get to catch a wonderful display of stars and the brightest moon I have ever seen. There is also times when the northern lights will play in our yard too.  For that reason I am not sorry we packed up and moved 3000 kms from family.

My husband and I have gotten closer to God and closer to each other. We sit and talk about lots of things now and even have the chance to sit together and just be. Our son is adjusting to life out here. As the winter snow begins to fade away and Springs comes knocking on our door I imagine it will be hard to keep him in the house.

Sure I miss my family but technology these days are great with Skype and Google hangout.  We can "see" our family when we want.  There are plenty of days where I wish Heaven had the same technology. Where I could just pug in my video camera and see my mom on the other side smiling at me and laughing at how silly my son gets in front of the camera.  But you know what she does see it. She sees how much it hurts when I can't pick up the phone and dial her number.  She sees the tears when my little boy talks about his Nana living with Jesus now. But she also sees the way that things are changing for us out here. Changing for the better. We have a great future out here on this quarter section of land.

So for now we have gotten back to everyday life, the jobs, the house, the bills, the tears, the laughter, the sunshine and the winter. But in a few short months that will all change again, I can say I am looking forward to the Spring and the changes that God will do to our property and to my soul as I continue to walk beside him and marvel at the wondrous things he has created.

There will be more entries and more photos of our life. I want to share my journey into Christ like living with the world. So won't you come along with me on the journey I call Life.

Friday, December 14, 2012

I have no Words

I really have no words to say that will take away the pain and grief the parents and families in Newtown Ct are feeling right now.

I just want them to know that I am praying they find peace and comfort. I am asking God to hold you tight.  But please Know that it is not just your city or country that is mourning. It is the whole North American Nation who have gone into shock and are standing with you as you walk this road.

We may never have all the answers to the questions we ask.  God hears them and is listening.  

I say this prayer tonight for you,
To let you know I feel for you,
Your pain and tears are felt by many,
For something like we are never ready.
Father Lord,
I lift up the mom's who are crying in their kids beds,
The dad's who feel helpless because they are sad.
The brothers and sisters who don't understand,
How life can be changed by just one man.
The city that is numb and trying to move on.
The teachers who are asking "why wasn't I one?"
Dear Lord you know the answers,
And someday I pray so do we.
For you got 26 more angels in Heaven today.

This ribbon I have on my Facebook Profile. 
Out of Love and respect for those in Connecticut.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

First Christmas without you.

Hi Mom,

  I just wanted you to know that we are doing okay and settling into our new life out here in Alberta.  There have been many days where I have just wanted to pick up the phone and call you and I know I can't.

David is doing great in school now that he is getting some help.  John is working for a great family on an organic dairy 15 minutes from home.  I am working on my seamstress work for people and still making my hats and hair bows. I tried one of those big bows out and it looks pretty good. But you already know that.

It's hard this year to get into the spirit.  Christmas was when we could all be together and not be rushed. It's hard knowing I won't be able to see you Christmas day.  We will do our best to celebrate Jesus' birth. But without you it will be hard.

We have a little tree in the house that we are going to plant in the spring to symbolize our first Christmas here in Alberta. You know what mom you would love it out here. It doesn't get that dark out here honest.  And the Northern lights are something else.

I don't have any regrets with leaving when we did. I still have a little bit of hurt that you wanted it that way. But I know you were trying to spare me the pain of seeing you be carried home to Jesus.  I got to spend 36 years with the most amazing mom and best friend I'll ever have. The last two and half years were a journey and I am glad I was able to be part of it.

Mom you know that I really hate how Cancer took you. Turned a strong woman into a weak one. The last days with you before we left I will cherish our talks and our hugs.

You have a wonderful Christmas in heaven mom and we will do our best to make our first Christmas without you a great one.

Your loving daughter,

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What's in your Lunch Box?

Did you ever have that question asked of you when you were sitting at your desk at school or at work ready to eat your lunch?  

Most kids love to see what their friends are eating and will even ask to trade.

But have you given thought to what the items in your child's lunch are packed in??  I mean have you ever thought about how many plastic baggies you put into their lunch and never see again?  I thought about that question when I was constantly putting snacks together for my son for our outings   I mean at roughly $2 -3 a box for the baggies that really seal it adds up. Let's look at this example..

A family of 5 (2 adults and 3 kids)  Now if everyone takes a lunch to school or work your looking at 4 -6 baggies getting used in each lunch. 1-2 bags for sandwiches, 1 baggie for cookies, 1 for cheese, 1 for crackers and 1 for grapes or other fruit. Now multiply that by 5 days (work week) you're looking at 20-30 baggies used in a week. That doesn't take into account the baggies used when traveling in the car, going to hockey games, walks in the park and more.  

For now we're just looking at the 20-30 baggies you use per week just for lunches for school or work. Now multiply that number by 52. you're looking at 1040 to 1560 baggies per year that a family of 5 go through. WOW that is a lot. Below is a photo of a popular brand.

Now if you purchase this brand you get 50 bags per box. remember I said earlier that the average usage is 20-30 per week just for work and school.  So that would mean you'd have to buy 2 boxes to be sure you made it through for 2 weeks. So you would spend $4 every 2 weeks, $8 a month and $104 a year. Now kids are in school for 13 years so take $104 multiply that 13.  You will have spent a minimum of $1352 on plastic baggies during the 13 years your kids are in school. 

Did you know that it takes 500 - 1000 YEARS for those bags to biodegrade.  That is a very long time that means the plastic baggies used 100 years ago still aren't broke down in our trash heaps.

Now there are alternatives to these nasty plastic baggies.  You can use reusable, washable cloth sandwich and snack bags.  

Now let's look at our family again.  You have 2 adults and 3 kids.  Now this is where it gets scary for some people. You'll be looking at 5 - 10 sandwich bags and and 10 - 20 snack bags. you're looking at an average price of $5 per sandwich bag which translates to $25 - $50 spent and for the snack bags you're looking at an average cost of $4 per bag which translates to $40 - $80 spent.  So in total you're looking at spending $65 - $130 to set your family up with all the sandwich and snack bags they would need. BUT that's a lot of money!! you're saying.  Right that is a lot of money ..BUT.. you only have to spend that amount ONCE in the lifetime of your kids going to school. You can also get sandwich and snack bags that reflect your kids likes and interests.You can find different styles some are zippered, some are velcro and some are just foldlock top.  Whatever you choose you can have peace of mind knowing that you have saved over $1000 buying something that you can simply toss into the wash and reuse when needed.

I am leaving you with some great reusable products to check out. Some are my own products and there are also some of other WAHM's (work at home mom's) who are trying to make a big difference in the environment. Click on the pictures to be taken to the website for that item.

Thanks for Stopping by today and I hope to be able to serve you and your family very soon.

Cheers!! Kimberley

Friday, October 12, 2012

Etsy Alberta Street Team Blog: ALBERTA TEAM SALE

Hello again!!!
  I Just wanted to share with you the wonderful SALE that is happening from Oct. 12 to th 18th.  ALL of the shops are from the Alberta Team. Which I am proud to say I am now a member of.  Just click on the highlighted text and start your holiday shopping early. See you there! Oh yeah when you come to see me you get 10% off your purchase when you used the coupon code ATEAM10 at checkout.

Etsy Alberta Street Team Blog: ALBERTA TEAM SALE: It's time once again for our annual FALL SALE! From October 12-18, 2012, Alberta artisans and crafters are offering their beautiful handmade...